2016 Debbie Stabenow Fundraiser

Thank you to our GOLD Sponsors:
Steve Bieda, Nick and Peggy Ciaramitaro, Gary Cynowa, Michelle and Ken DeBeaussaert, Michael DeVault, Joe Dolan, Andrey Duzyj, Rick Flynn, Dave Flynn, Sara and Paul Gieleghem, Dana and Sharon Gire, Patrick Green, Alyia Hakin, Joan Kuligowski, Marilyn Lane, St. Clair Shores Dem Club, David Lusk, Carl Marlinga, Anthony Marrocco, Bill McGlynn, Derek Miller, Dean Reynolds, Sarah Roberts, Carmella Sabaugh, Todd Schmitz, June Siebert, George Sobah, Bill Sowerby, Kathy Tocco, Jenifer Jo West, Anthony Wickersham, Henry Yanez, Tracey Yokich, Francine and Frank Maisano, Fred Miller, Jen Nowaczok Miller, Ron Cantrell, Ed Bruley

Thank you to our SILVER Sponsors:
Victoria Barrows, Dennis Bruck, Elaine Christensen, Cardi DeMonaco Jr, Jane Gabler, Florence Hayman, Kevin Hertel, Mike Keys, Veronica Klinefelt, Joyce Lalonde, Leo Lalonde, Robert Mijac, Ken Pearl, Barbara Peckham, Ronald Robinson, Sheila Strunk, Laura, Roger, and Anthony Cardamone, Roger Holtslander, John Chirkun

Thank you to EVERYONE who attended and contributed:
Carole Bannister, John Coleman, Megan Blue, Penny Boles, Dana Camphous-Peterson, James Carlone, Debra Dorosh, Nancy Duemling, Nancy Falcone, Rose Marie Fessler, Denise Fields, Charles Frontera, Judy Hartwell, Roger Heller, Sean Holtz, Ken Jenkins, Ken Lampar Jr, Lorenzina Marhoff, Joe Nichols, Mike Notte, Mike O’Meara, Lauren O’Meara, Linda Pidutti, Elizabeth Pugh, Dwain Read, Clarice Squillace, Ruthie Stevenson, Judy Strong, Elaine VanBoemel, Birdie Nash, Fred and James Barbret, Jeremy Fisher


Macomb County Democratic Committee PO Box 46699 Mount Clemens, MI 48046 586.463.5335 contact@macombdems.com www.macombdems.com Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/MacombDems

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