Meet the 2022 Democrats!

Governor: Gretchen Whitmer & Lt Governor: Garlin D. Gilchrist III
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Secretary of State: Jocelyn Benson, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Attorney General: Dana Nessel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

9th Congressional District: Brian Jaye, Facebook, Twitter
10th Congressional District: Carl Marlinga, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

3rd MI Senate District: Stephanie Chang, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
9th MI Senate District: Padma Kuppa
11th MI Senate District: Veronica Klinefelt
12th MI Senate District: Kevin Hertel
24th MI Senate District: Theresa J. Fougnie
25th MI Senate District: Bert VanDyke, Facebook

10th MI Representative District: Joe Tate
11th MI Representative District: Veronica Paiz, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
12th MI Representative District: Kimberly L. Edwards
13th MI Representative District: Lori Stone
14th MI Representative District: Donavan McKinney, Facebook, Instagram
57th MI Representative District: Aisha Farooqi
58th MI Representative District: Nate Shannon
59th MI Representative District: James Diez, Facebook
60th MI Representative District: Linda Clor
61st MI Representative District: Denise Mentzer, Facebook
62nd MI Representative District: Michael Brooks
63rd MI Representative District: Kelly Noland
65th MI Representative District: Mark Lingeman
66th MI Representative District: Emily C. Busch, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Member of the State Board of Education
Pamela Pugh
Mitchell Robinson

Regent of The University of Michigan
Mike Behm
Kathy White

Trustee of Michigan State University
Dennis Denno
Renee Knake Jefferson

Governor of Wayne State University
Danielle Atkinson
Marilyn Kelly

Macomb County Executive: Mark Hackel

1st County Commission District: Michael E. LaBuhn
2nd County Commission District: Michelle Merriwether
3rd County Commission District: Ken Reid
4th County Commission District: Gary E. Cynowa
5th County Commission District: Robert Mijac
6th County Commission District: Carole Chi, Twitter
8th County Commission District: Antoinette Wallace
9th County Commission District: Dana Camphous-Peterson
10th County Commission District: Harold L. Haugh
11th County Commission District: Mai Xiong, Facebook, Twitter
12th County Commission District: Michelle Nard
13th County Commission District: Sarah Ann Lucido, Facebook

Chesterfield Township Supervisor: John P. Spica

Clinton Township Trustee: Julie Matuzak, Facebook

Washington Township Trustee: Susan Hier


Justice of Supreme Court – Endorsed by the Michigan Democratic Party
Richard Bernstein
Kyra Harris Bolden

Judge of Circuit Court – 16th Circuit – Endorsed by the Macomb County Democratic Committee
Teri Lynn Dennings, Facebook