2020 Republican Extreme Team

Extreme Conspiracy Theories,
Extremely inappropriate behaviOR

Macomb citizens learned that the hard way when Karen Spranger got elected Clerk because Republican voters ignored her checkered past. Spranger was ultimately removed from office after creating chaos.

In 2020, Macomb Republicans are asking voters to support candidates who are quietly or vocally supporting wild conspiracy theories and violent threats, and candidates with shameful records of inappropriate behavior and financial scandals.

Karen Spranger

Disgraced Former County Clerk

Dis-Honorary Captain

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Anthony Forlini

Republican Candidate for County Clerk

QAnon’s Friend:

Forlini participated in and posted pictures of a QAnon rally. When confronted, Forlini wouldn’t disavow the dangerous QAnon conspiracy. QAnon is a group that the FBI labeled a domestic terrorism threat.

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Pete Lucido

Republican Candidate for Prosecuting Attorney

Sexual Harassment Complaints:

Removed as Chair of a Senate Committee by fellow Republicans, required to undergo training after sexual harassment complaints found inappropriate behavior.

Lucido joined a social media group where members made violent threats against women elected officials, including Governor Whitmer.

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Larry Rocca

Republican County Treasurer

A History of Personal Financial scandals:

Chronically Delinquent on paying property taxes

Defaulting on loans

Fines for improper handling of client funds

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Paul Smith

Paul Smith with Donald Trump Jr.

Republican Candidate for State Representative

“Crazy conspiracy theories”:

Smith defended domestic terrorism suspects accused of plotting attacks on Governor Whitmer and her family. Smith “has some very crazy conspiracy theories” according to the State Republican Party Chair.

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James Perna

Republican Candidate for County Commissioner

Ousted as Credit Union CEO:

State officials physically removed Jim Perna as CEO of a Credit Union.

Reportedly lost $1.3 million in 2013 and another $181,000 in the first quarter of 2014.

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Bob Brandenburg

Republican Candidate for Clinton Township Treasurer


Police reports indicate that his wife “thought her husband, Robert, was poisoning her, but did not want to make a formal complaint until the election was over.”

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The Republican Party is too willing to quietly go along with flawed candidates at our expense.

We can’t afford the
Extreme Team