We are ending this year with deep gratitude for our Macomb County Democratic community. We showed up for each other and our democratic values. We helped elect a President and reelect our Senator. We thank all those who ran under the Democratic banner. You made us proud. 

This year, we had record voter turnout for the Macomb County Convention and election of the Macomb County Committee members. Of our 1,000 eligible voters, 650 cast ballots. The turnout rate of 65% is triple the turnout from our 2018 Macomb County Convention, when we convened in person. Similarly, the turnout for the officer election was 79.05%, of 105 eligible voters, 83 cast ballots. 

We accomplished this turnout by using multiple ways of connecting and communicating with our members. Recognizing that everyone does not have the same access and comfort with technology or ability to attend online meetings, we created a voting process that allowed for our members to either mail in or email their ballots by November 23. We then created a drop-off voting process for the officer election. 

We are all volunteers, learning together. This year, especially, we often found ourselves trying many things for the first time regardless of experience. 

Despite this year’s uncertainty and difficulty, it has reaffirmed our core democratic belief that we accomplish more when we include everyone. We understand that each Democratic Party member has different interests and ability to participate. Some members are more focused on the federal or state level while others are deeply involved in their local clubs and municipal elections. Whether you want to put a sign in your yard, volunteer to support a candidate, or lead a local club, we want you to know that your participation is important, and we welcome you.

We begin the year looking forward to building a better voter base for our Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General for 2022. We will do this with an eye to study the last election and improve for the one ahead.

Thanks to all for your efforts. Please keep safe and honor those who keep us safe.

Ed Bruley, Chair
Alysa Diebolt, Vice-Chair
Charley Jackson Jr, Secretary
Warren Danford Jr, Treasurer

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